Endless H/O Scale Bi-Directional Spiral Train Set Will Blow You Away!

Endless H/O Scale Bi-Directional Spiral Train Set Will Blow You Away! | Train Fanatics Videos

You Have To See This Model Layout To Believe It!

James Risner just will not give up on shocking us with his newest creations! The h/o scale savant builds on his already impressive pedigree of the unique and strange with his most recent build: The Endless Bi-Directional Spiral!

All together this train boasts an impressive 217 engines and cars linked together on the track!

Building on principles introduced by his former creations, such as his original H/O Scale Spiral, or the Quadruple Double Helix, Risner takes things to the next level creating a perfect endless loop with his Bachmann EMD Union Pacific GP 18’s and accompanying cars!

You can see the train stop multiple times, and change the direction of the spiral!

There is no feasible beginning, nor does there seem to be an end to this train. The mathematical prowess necessary for this project is quite impressive, of course needing to factor in the size of the cars, length of the Bachmann EZ-Track, radius of the loops, and speed of each individual engine!

Whether those engines happen to be pulling or pushing, is up for debate!

Because we love counting so much, heres a breakdown!

Amount of cars per engine


1. 31 cars             3. 31 cars            5. 31 cars            7. 31 cars

2. 31 cars            4. 31 cars            6. 31 cars

Have you been inspired by Risner’s work to do your own creative projects? Share your thoughts and creations with us!


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