Home-made Rail Rider Cruises Down The Rails!

Home-made Rail Rider Cruises Down The Rails! | Train Fanatics Videos

Everyone secretly wants to do this at some time in their lives!

If you love the desert and the old wild west, you gotta love the scenery and music in this clip. The author inserted the theme from the Clint Eastwood movie “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” to add flavor to the experience of the cart ride on the rails.

Rail riders come in all kinds of home made shapes, sizes and colors. This particular one is manual and electric, if desired.

The great thing about this clip is the sound the rail rider makes. It even sounds reminiscent of an actual locomotive!

Although large portions of the Northern Nevada line are abandoned, they are still owned by the City of Ely, Nevada. Constructed in 1905 and 1906, the Nevada Northern Railroad was 140 miles of track to connect Ely and the Southern Pacific Railroad at Cobre to haul copper ore from two of the regions largest mines.

We always recommend that you check with local authorities before embarking on an adventure like this one. You can also check with the various rail speeders associations around the country which can direct you to safe and legal rails to ride!

Let us know you are a rail rider and have had the opportunity to venture along these rails!

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