Mind-blowing H/O Scale Model Train Spiral!

Mind-blowing H/O Scale Model Train Spiral! | Train Fanatics Videos

You need to see this model layout!

James Risner, a model train fan as well as an established Youtuber has brought something very special to the world of h/o scale model trains! Using Bachmann ez-track he was able to set up this massive spiral! With its first innermost circle having a radius of fifteen inches, Risner then began procedurally increasing each ring roughly four inches with each new spiral layer added!

The model engines being used by Risner are over 30 years and are still going strong!

Risner used Bachmann EMD Union Pacific GP 18’s for his train with a total of 8 h/o scale engines pulling 218 cars! It is absolutely mind-boggling to see these little engines form a seemingly nonstop loop. Until you see the lead engine finally leave the spiral, you almost forget the rest of the track is there!

All but the engines wheel-sets are made of plastic, with the wheels being made of Aluminum!

This video just goes to show that there are no limits to what you can do when you allow yourself a little bit of creative self expression!

Amount of cars per engine:

(Yes we counted!)


1. 25 cars             2. 25 cars            3. 25 cars            4. 25 cars

5. 25 cars            6. 25 cars             7. 32 cars            8. 46 cars

Have a model set at home that you get creative with? Tell us about it, or even better send us your pictures and/or videos, we’d love to see it!

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