Yard Worker Climbs Onto Rail Car With An Excavator

Yard Worker Climbs Onto Rail Car With An Excavator | Train Fanatics Videos

Now this is how you unload a railcar!

Someone needs to give this Cat 319D Hydraulic Excavator operator a raise, because what he does is just simply astounding! Based in Kansas City, this professional has a job to do, unfortunately for him the job is missing one vital component, a ramp… Or is it? Most people, if  told to use the excavator and unload the railcar full of crushed rock, would be lost, without some sort of ramp to reach the top of the car!

But not this forward thinking problem solver. Who needs a ramp, when you have physics on your side! With a set of staggered platforms, the operator begins to expertly maneuver the excavator up and over the platforms, procedurally making his way to the top of the railcar. Its fairly obvious this guy knows his job, and his machine!

Have you seen any other cases of rail yard work-time ingenuity? We’d love to hear your stories!

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