Pacing the 60009 of South Africa

Pacing the 60009 of South Africa | Train Fanatics Videos

The Union of South Africa is one slick machine!

A lucky railfan got the opportunity to race with this majestic LNER A4 all the while grabbing some pretty amazing pacing shots! Number 60009, or ‘The Union of South Africa’ was on the North Wales Coast line, making a run from LLandudno Junction to Colwyn Bay, Wales!

Note: you can see the engines fire roaring at 0:36!

It is really just a great experience to be had, seeing her chug along and hearing the engine roar. 60009 even throws in some chimes of the whistle for us, and you have the opportunity to see fire roaring in the cab!

Some quick facts on the LNER A4 Union of South Africa:

  • Built in 1937
  • 4-6-2 Pacific type locomotive
  • 35,455 pounds of tractive effort
  • Part of the same A4 class as the World speed record holding ‘Mallard’
  • One of only six remaining of the original 35 Class A4’s

Let us know if you have seen any steam locomotives in South Africa! We would love to hear about your experience!

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