Steam Traction Engine Takes On Steep Hill!

Steam Traction Engine Takes On Steep Hill! | Train Fanatics Videos

This isn’t a locomotive, but it’s one amazing testament to the power of steam!

Steam engines sure are powerhouses! This steam traction engine shows us exactly what it can do when faced with an otherwise insurmountable grade. The tractor, manufactured by Minneapolis Moline around the 1920’s-30’s is one of the few surviving steam tractors in the United States!

Minneapolis Moline was a result of a merger between three companies:

Minneapolis Steel & Machinery, Minneapolis Threshing Machine, and Moline Plow!

You can see the engine struggling at some points, however this was no problem for the Moline tractor continuing to press on as if it were the little engine that could! In order to reach the top, steam pressure would have to reach its maximum levels which could be dangerous if it was not relieved! Finally having reached the top of the hill, the engine let out some steam, pouring out of its pop (safety) valves in order to relieve some of the excess pressure.

Is there anything steam cant do?

What are your favorite steam engines, locomotive or otherwise? Share them with us!

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