Sparks Fly When This Powerful Grinder Meets The Rails!

Sparks Fly When This Powerful Grinder Meets The Rails! | Train Fanatics Videos

The Loram Rail Grinder, an engine designed specifically with the intent of re-machining the rails!

Rail grinding is considered the most effective combatants to rail fatigue.

The train uses high power, flexible grinding stones that are situated right above the rails. As you may have guessed, these stones tend to grind out quickly. To combat this grinders will typically use a more coarse stone to work out the wear of time and use, before using a finer stone to give the rails a nice polished finish!

With sparks flying everywhere, illuminating the night, the surrounding plant life often catches fire due to these grinders. The Loram Rail Grinder trains regularly haul water tank cars that  carry a mixture of water and flame retardant, to douse the occasional fires left behind.

If you have ever seen a Loram Rail Grinder in action we would love to hear about your experience!

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