Astounding Work Train Lays Its Own Track

Astounding Work Train Lays Its Own Track | Train Fanatics Videos

This beast is designed to maintain, as well as create new track as it rolls along, and is an engineering marvel. Developed by Swiss railway maintenance machine manufacturer Matisa and owned by the Belgian government-owned company Infrabel it is part of the TCM series of maintenance and track construction machines.

This train gathers and recycles the old and worn out sleepers!

What Matisa refers to as a “compact construction train” has the ability to lay 16 sleepers per minute and is fed by a gantry with a capacity of 20 sleepers! The TCM models also have sufficient traction to pull a transport wagon of 300-5oo meters (984-1640 feet) long!

Watch as this work horse adjusts the ballast and lays new sleepers and rail!

This technology has been around since the 90’s and is only getting better. It’d be great to have this stateside!

What do you guys think, have you seen more efficient means of repairing and laying rails? Give us your opinons, We’d love to hear them!


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