Train Gut-wrenchingly Passes Between Neighborhood Homes!

Train Gut-wrenchingly Passes Between Neighborhood Homes! | Train Fanatics Videos

This railway is just a little too close for comfort!


You wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, and it is time to go to work. You make sure you have everything ready for the day, and when you do, it’s time to walk out the door. Except you can’t, because the morning commuter train is passing right in front of your face, and opening your door to step out means you’re not going to be making it to work. Instead you’ll be making your way to the hospital!

“It is a part of their routine. Old men will sit on the tracks all day… as it approaches four or six o’clock, they get up, move their chairs a metre away from the track and continue talking while the train goes past.” – Ashit Desai, Photographer

This is not some hypothetical scenario, but an every day reality for residents of a neighborhood in Hanoi, Vietnam where a commuter line is so close to homes and businesses that pedestrians must duck out of the way into buildings or pressed up against their walls to make sure they are not struck by the tram!

This is incredibly dangerous as there have been too many close calls and some unfortunate accidents in the past!

The train, which makes its way through the city’s old town district, passes through this location at 4 and 7pm daily so citizens are aware when to avoid the rails! The next time someone tells you they wish they lived closer to public transportation, tell them to be careful what they wish for!

Has anyone here seen trains this close to homes and buildings before? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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