Flawless Model Railroad At The Chicago Botanical Gardens!

Flawless Model Railroad At The Chicago Botanical Gardens! | Train Fanatics Videos

Chicago is known for many things, Its deep dish pizzas, the Willis (Sears) Tower, Wrigley field, and now (most importantly for model train and rail fans everywhere) the Chicago Botanical Gardens Landmarks of America model railroad! Open from May 9th to October 25th this year, the model railroad is a yearly exhibit kept at the gardens!

The model is 7,500 square feet, and has 1,600 feet of track!

You can see such sights as the White house, The Hollywood sign, and Chicago’s very own Wrigley field! Every structure in the exhibit is made from plant material, and new buildings are added every year, meaning you always have something new to see so there is no reason not to go every year! There are 18 G-scale trains running on 17 tracks, so there is never a lull in action as you watch these little engines ride past almost 50 American landmarks!

There are 26 bridges for the model trains to cross, and the trains travel more than 22,000 miles each season!

This clip is from 2012, so this is just a small taste of all there is to see!

Has anyone here made a trip out to Chicago to see this railroad? We’d love to hear about it if you have!

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