Fierce Tornado Hunts Down Train!

Fierce Tornado Hunts Down Train! | Train Fanatics Videos

These men have some real nerves of steel to stay put for as long as they did!

Youtube user Harleyguy150, the conductor on this EJ&E engine had the opportunity to film the events that transpired, and boy are we glad to get a first person perspective on them! The conductor and his engineer were sitting in Chicago Heights, IL, just outside of Chicago proper, waiting for a tornado to pass, attempting to assess the danger.

“Well we do have a tornado in sight!”

All seems to be going well, and it’s mentioned that the tornado is off the ground, presenting less of a threat. The engineer decides to take precaution and move forward a bit when all of the sudden things start to get out of control! The tornado passes a track diamond not far in the distance when suddenly, it hits a power plant causing a giant arc flash, illuminating the grey sky!

“Check it out man it’s hitting everything!” “I know I’m getting the hell out of here!”

The tornado starts moving closer and the pressure is on as more things cross its destructive path! The engineer begins hauling on the track, laying down hard on the horn letting everyone know that they’re getting out of the area quick, and others should do the same!

Thankfully the engine and her crew made it to safety, but talk about hazardous working conditions!

Has anyone here ever been this close up to a tornado, or been in a train during another extreme weather situation? Please share your experiences with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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