Awesome Point-Of-View Camera From This “N” Scale Masterpiece

Awesome Point-Of-View Camera From This “N” Scale Masterpiece | Train Fanatics Videos

Believe it or not, the gauge of N scale model trains is between a quarter of an inch and just under a half inch!

You can take this fascinating ride with the engineer through this meticulously detailed layout found at the Orlando Florida’s N-Trak Club. You experience all kinds of scenery and can hear actual recordings of engineers embedded into the clip!

“N” scale is the second most popular scale on the market after HO scale because it does not require as much space to build large layouts.

When comes to space, you have to consider the turn radius of the track!

The “N” scale requires only a 9 3/4 inch curve track, whereas the HO scale can require anywhere from 15 to 22 inch curved track.

The actual N scale ratio is 1:160 and the track gauge is .354 inches.

The original commercially produced models were first introduced in Germany back in 1927 by the Arnold Company.

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