“Go Pro” From Underneath The Train Tracks!

“Go Pro” From Underneath The Train Tracks! | Train Fanatics Videos

Watch as the wooden cross ties flex almost like taking a breath under the weight of the train as it roars overhead!

This creative videographer got more than he imagined with this shot of an oncoming BNSF freight traveling at over 75 MPH!

“GoPro” cameras are reinventing photography!

This clip emphasizes the importance of NOT BEING ON A RAILROAD TRACK AT ANY TIME! Imagine trying to out run a train at 75 mph which equates to 110 feet per second! Perhaps this explains why so many people misjudge the speed of oncoming trains.

58 seconds into this video you can see how little time there is to react!

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe locomotive featured here most likely is:

  • 107 tons
  • Traveling at 110 feet per second
  • Please do not attempt to photograph from the tracks, however entertaining it may be…..thanks

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