Norfolk Southern Navigates Railroad Diamond In West Virginia

Norfolk Southern Navigates Railroad Diamond In West Virginia | Train Fanatics Videos

When railroad tracks cross over each other, they use a railroad diamond!

Here we have a west bound Norfolk Southern freight coming down from the Frederick, Maryland area crossing a CSX track that is leading west to east just outside of Charles Town, West Virginia. The only thing that keeps disaster from happening is a set of signals for both tracks that are hopefully adhered to!

Years ago, they used to use control towers to regulate traffic when these dangerous types of track overlays were unavoidable.

CSX is the major railroad in West Virginia operates almost 1300 miles of track while the Norfolk Southern handles Virginia proper with about 2000 miles of track and track rights.

In this clip, the Norfolk Southern is barreling north to south from Harper’s Ferry to south. You can also see older railroad diamonds tossed aside after being replaced due to the pounding this crossing gets.

The “diamonds” can be either perpendicular or angle towards one another.

Railroad diamonds are not all that uncommon where states have major railroads sharing tracks and crossing over each other.

Let us know if you have a railroad diamond in your area and the signals used to control it! We would love to know your thoughts.

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