Triple Mallet Locomotives Hauling 175 Hoppers Of Coal

Triple Mallet Locomotives Hauling 175 Hoppers Of Coal | Train Fanatics Videos

Shot back in the 1950’s, these Norfolk and Western Y Class articulated locomotives show muscle hauling 175 hoppers full of coal!

The average weight of these hopper cars loaded was 70 tons each, combining for a total train weight of 12,250 tons!

This clip begins with two Norfolk & Western 2-8-8-2 steam locomotives pulling up the grade with another pusher coming ’round the bend at the rear of the train.

Norfolk and Western built their own locomotives seen in this clip at their shops located in Roanoke, Virginia. They are Mallet type locomotives that were articulated. They were built with a bogie frame on the front of the engine supporting the front of the locomotive. This allowed a “hinge” effect so the locomotive could make normal curves in the track.

The engines seen in this clip saw most of their work in the 1950’s and were mostly retired by 1959.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Norfolk & Western Railway
  • Train Name: Norfolk & Western # 2156 built in 1942
  • Power type: 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive Class Y6 A and B
  • Builder: Norfolk & Western Roanoke Shops
  • Train type: Freight
  • Location: Virginia

Let us know if have ever seen steam engines hauling coal in this part of the county or possibly have a relative that worked on this line.
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