Impatient Truck Gets Turned Over By Train

Impatient Truck Gets Turned Over By Train | Train Fanatics Videos

Truck driver forgets about his load height!

There’s a whole new world out there with the use of dash cams!

Driver of this car just happens to be at the right place at the righty time!

Slow moving empty rail train tangles with with an impatient truck driver causing a minor problem for the truck driver and his load.

The last car of the train catches the top of the tractor that the truck is hauling toppling not only the tractor, but the truck as well!

The driver of the truck and his companion must have realized too late that they were in for a “slow motion” roll!


Luckily, the occupants of the truck suffered only minor injuries.

You can see evidence of this type of mental error on many of the bridges alongs the highways in the United States. You have to pay attention to your load height!

Let us know what you think the truck drivers boss had to say once he found out what happened!

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