Holcomb Creek Wooden Train Trestle Still Standing!

Holcomb Creek Wooden Train Trestle Still Standing! | Train Fanatics Videos

This 110 year old beauty was used by the Portland Western Railroad!

If you like railroad trestles, you’ll love this one!

Still in service when needed, this bridge has seen plenty of use over the years. Built back in 1905 for the Oregon Electric Railway by United Railways, the timber stringer type bridge is a classic wooden trestle.

Since fire is always a danger with wooden trestles and bridges, this one was constructed with well spaced concrete partitions to prevent the uncontrollable spread of a fire, should one occur.

No one really knows how many board feet of lumber is included in the 1168 foot long span of the bridge. Her height is 90 feet tall and might well be the largest wooden trestle in the United States.

Her cousin was not so lucky.

The Sherwood wooden train trestle, another Portland And Western train trestle, caught fire in August of 2015 and was destroyed. The cause was not known, but a nearby grass fire was believed to be the reason. The Sherwood bridge was only 600 feet long and 50 feet high.

Oregon is renowned for its logging operations. In this clip you can see the Portland And Western logging freight cross over this magnificent bridge ever so carefully.

Let us know if you have seen this bridge up close and personal. We would love to hear your perspective!

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