Historic Steamers Fill The Skies Of Nevada And Utah!

Historic Steamers Fill The Skies Of Nevada And Utah! | Train Fanatics Videos

Locomotives display their sights and sounds as they go from snow to desert!

First, the Heber Valley Railroad in Utah shows the Union Pacific #618 churning through snow covered landscapes reflecting on the glorious scenery of winter in the desert in Utah. The engineer utilizes his skills, sounding the whistle as smoke belches out of the funnel all cast in front of the snow covered Wasatch Mountains as a stunning backdrop!

The Heber Valley Railroad was originally part of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.

Second, the Nevada Northern Railway is shown with 2 of its steam locomotives: #93 and #40. The Nevada Northern Railway dates back to 1905 and extended140 miles from Ely to Cobre, Nevada.

Some quick facts about the locomotives:

  1. Union Pacific #618 2-8-0 Baldwin Locomotive built in 1907. Weight 212,800 lbs.
  2. Nevada Northern #93 2-8-0 locomotive built by American Locomotive Works in 1909. Price new $17,610.
  3. Nevada Northern #404-6-0 locomotive built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1910. Price new $13,139.

Let us know if you have seen these railroad museums and have had a chance to ride behind or in the cab of one of these great locomotives! We would love to hear about your experience!