Computer Aided Design Duplicates 4-10-2

Computer Aided Design Duplicates 4-10-2 | Train Fanatics Videos

Ever wondered where the plans come from when building a live steamer?

This is a computer rendition of the complex working of the main driver wheels of the this Southern Pacific and Union Pacific “Overland” 4-10-2 locomotives that was originally built for the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads in 1925 by ALCO.

At one time, Southern Pacific had more that 49 of these monsters roaming the South West United States.

Most notable about this model in motion is the 3rd cylinder located in the center of the cylinder saddle sloped downwards a 9 1/2 degrees in order to crank a 3rd driver’s axel. In addition, there were 2 outside rods connected to the 3rd drivers.

Since these were non articulated locomotives and could not take sharp turns easily, they had to run a fairly straight track and run the main lines.

Hence the name “Overland” type Union Pacific used to describe this style of locomotive.

Let us know if you have seen any live steamer reproductions of the 4-10-2 “OVERLAND” type locomotive! We love to hear about it!

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