Back Yard Trestle Amazes!

Back Yard Trestle Amazes! | Train Fanatics Videos

All it takes is time, money, skill and patience!

When was the last time you took a ride on your own backyard railroad trestle?

Located in beautiful Sonoma County (think wine) in Northern California, Zack Peterson built a replica of a 1800’s railroad trestle on his property that is truly an amazing sight!

His trestle building skills and technical knowledge allowed him to complete a layout that is quite literally 80-90 percent trestle!

This timber trestle is a pile trestle consisting of bents spaced 3-4 feet apart with 3 round timber poles each complete with stingers and planks that hold the rails.

The layout covers elevations that appear to be as high as 10 feet above the ground in some places.

Makes us wonder:

  1. How many bents were used in construction?
  2. How much board feet of umber was used?
  3. How many railroad ties utilized?
  4. How many feet of track?

Let us know you have seen anything like this backyard layout and whether you want to hazard a guess to the above questions! We would love to hear from you!

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