Cold Start For This British Locomotive!

Cold Start For This British Locomotive! | Train Fanatics Videos

British Rail Class 37419 really wants to go back into the shed on this cold morning!

Who can blame her? Filmed at Old Oak Common Depot in London, UK., this Class 37 locomotive sounds like she is in dire need of an overhaul.

The are known as “Tractors” to railfans because they sound like a agricultural tractor diesel engine when starting!

In this clip, the power unit is cold and is struggling until the cylinder gets heated from continued churning of the starter. Pre-heaters were not common among this class of locomotive.

They British Class 37’s saw service in Wales and Northern Scotland where the winters are quite frigid.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: British Railways
  • Power type: Diesel Electric Class 37/4
  • Builder: English Electric at Vulcan Foundry
  • Train type: Freight/Passenger
  • Location: UK and Scotland
  • Maximum speed: 90 MPH
  • Power: 1750 hp

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