Classic Shay Locomotive Sidewinder

Classic Shay Locomotive Sidewinder | Train Fanatics Videos

Turn up your speakers on this one! The engineer is quite the whistle blower!

Looking for a little red caboose? You got it! Looking for flatcars with Lincoln Logs? You got it!

Cass Scenic RailRoad in West Virginia. Watch as this train runs through some great scenery, all the while the engineer is blazing away on the whistle.

This is a Classic Shay locomotive, sometimes called the “Sidewinder”. What catches your eye is when the train passes, you will not see the stereotypical wheels, but rather some fascinating gears and crank shafts working in harmony that really makes you appreciate the engineering that when into this locomotive.

At first glance, you really cannot tell what is driving the engine. There are no typical drivers you would find on regular locomotives. As it turns out, this engine is designed for lower speeds and high torque. She was used mainly in industrial settings including logging mills and the mining industries.

This type of locomotive was particularly suited to traverse uneven and poorly laid track.

This video runs about 10 minutes and I guarantee you will watch the whole thing.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Cass Scenic RailRoad, West Virginia
  • Train Name: Shay geared locomotive
  • Power type: Steam Locomotive FEF-3 class
  • Builder: Lima Locomotives Works, Lima OH
  • Train type: Excursion
  • Location West Virginia
  • Uniqueness: 3 Vertical pistons

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