BNSF Mega Intermodal Rolls Across The Mohave Desert

BNSF Mega Intermodal Rolls Across The Mohave Desert | Train Fanatics Videos

“Don’t get caught at a crossing waiting for these monsters to roll by!”

“Positive train control” (PTC) is allowing longer and longer freight trains on the rails. It is a system used in the railroad industry to monitor and control train movements in order to help prevent train collisions. PTC uses a combination of GPS, wireless communication and onboard computers to track train locations, speeds and movements.

PTC can automatically apply brakes or take other corrective actions to prevent accidents. This allows for freight trains of upwards of 200 -250 cars!

Conductors and engineers are still needed to monitor the system and insure the operational efficiency of PTC.

Let us know if you have ever been stuck at a crossing wondering if the the train would ever end ? We’d love to hear about your experience…

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