19 Santa Fe Warbonnets Power Move

19 Santa Fe Warbonnets Power Move | Train Fanatics Videos

28 BNSF locomotive power move

A rare consist included 19 Warbonnet schemed locomotives headed to Sivis, Illinois to be scrapped or refurbished.
All of the locomotive units weigh approximately 400,000 pounds giving the train a total of 5,600 tons of weight!

Some railroad terms:

  1. Consist- a group or formation of locomotives and/or railcars.
  2. DIC-dead in consist- deadheading or having no power turned on.
  3. DIB-delay in block- if you stop or slow to below 10mph, you have to be prepared to stop at the next signal.

Let us know if you have ever seen a grouping of locomotives being transported in a procession such as this! It must be awesome to see!

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