Baseball Fans Climb “UNDER” BNSF Freight

Baseball Fans Climb “UNDER” BNSF Freight | Train Fanatics Videos

Is it worth it? You be the judge!
We know the price of box seats has gone up, but this is just plain nuts!

Petco Park in downtown San Diego proves to be a risky draw for these baseball fans willing to risk their lives to get to the game on time!

An absolutely breathtaking display of stupidity by these fans must have the engineer shaking his head!

A mixture of San Diego Padre and Los Angeles Dodgers fans brave the tracks trying to get to Petco Park in downtown San Diego before the game starts. As seen in this clip, the BNSF freight is preparing to start its journey north to Los Angeles.

The Union Pacific train station in San Diego can become congested when freights try and fill their manifests moving back and forth connecting to the freight cars in the process. This sometimes blocks pedestrians from being able to cross the tracks safely in order to get the baseball stadium and results in the insane maneuvers you see being attempted here!

Please let us know if you have seen people like these risk their lives and survive! Do you think it is worth the risk?


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