World Class Railroad For Sale

World Class Railroad For Sale | Train Fanatics Videos

This must be what railfan heaven would look like!

If you have an extra $3.5 million dollars laying around and want to put it to good use, here’s your chance!

This legendary train property located in Sherwood, Oregon is for sale and boasts the finest railroad of its kind! Meticulously hand crafted by the owner AND his wife, the layout is centered around the 1930 built main house which has been completely remodeled inside and out.

Centered in wine country, you could even have your own vineyard to complement your railroad on this vast 20 acre parcel!

The railroad includes:

    1. all handmade steam locomotives!
    2. 11,000 feet of track at 7.5 inch gauge
    3. a 30 foot tall train trestle!
    4. a 400 foot long tunnel!
    5. and your very own 30 foot by 60 foot steam shop!

Let us know if you have ever visited this estate and ridden on the railroad! We would love to hear about your experience!

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