W&LE’s #3049 On The Bellaire Viaduct

W&LE’s #3049  On The Bellaire Viaduct | Train Fanatics Videos

The Bellaire Viaduct goes back before the Civil War!

Seen on the approach to the historic 43 stone arch viaduct leading to the Ohio River, SD40 #3049 takes it easy on the curve over these steel trusses as it makes it way to the river.

The Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad is a class II regional railroad with a 1000 miles of track connecting the southern tip of Lake Erie to the CSX interchange at Connellsville Yard just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This is also the same line and area used for the filming of the movie “Unstoppable”, which featured a runaway train that actually made it’s way through this area. The engine in real life was numbered 8888, and would come to be known as the “crazy eights”!

The Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad currently handles:

  • coal
  • iron ore
  • steel
  • chemicals
  • food and lumber products

Let us know if you have ever seen this area or have traveled over the Bellaire Viaduct! We would love to hear about your experience!

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