1600 Ton Train Bridge Built In 4 Minutes

1600 Ton Train Bridge Built In 4 Minutes | Train Fanatics Videos

Ok, not really. But, the time lapse photography is amazing to watch!

Located in Reading, UK., the Cow Lane train bridge replacement project was filmed over 6 months with 3 cameras and 250,000 pictures! Network Rail in Britain demolished the existing Cow Lane train bridge as part of the overall upgrade of the 897 Million pound Reading Station Redevelopment project.

The 1600 ton bridge was constructed on site and then moved once the old Cow Lane Train bridge was demolished.

It took over 7 hours to maneuver the 1600 ton concrete and steel structure into place sitting on top of a 66 axle truck!

The project called for two-way traffic with a cycle path and train bridge that would help alleviate the bottleneck of the single lane tunnel.

The new Reading Station was reopened by Queen Elizabeth II on July 17, 2014, and is expected to receive over 16 million passenger entries and exits per year! Reading Station is the 9th busiest station in the UK outside of London!

Let us know if you have ridden the train through Reading Station or have seen this project while it was being built. We would love to hear your story!

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