Union Pacific Freight Race is On

Union Pacific Freight Race is On | Train Fanatics Videos

It’s a rare occasion to see two behemoth freights coming right at you at once!

Union Pacific put on a rare display this day in Fremont, California, when these two freights happened to line up together at almost the same speed, at the same place and at the same time!

What appears to be double 4,300 horse power EMD SD 70 series diesel-electric locomotives are barreling down toward this station located on a curve that makes for a great angle shot as the trains whizz by!

One is a standard freight and the other is a intermodal freight that has containers stacked high. The intermodal freight takes preloaded containers from shipping ports and literally stacks them in order of destination. They carry a variety of freight including raw materials, parts and components, consumer goods, parcels and even the U.S. Mail!

Let us know if you have engineered an intermodal freight! We’d love to know your experiences.

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