Train Passes Through Busy Farmers Market

Train Passes Through Busy Farmers Market | Train Fanatics Videos

You will do a double take on this one! Play it again and again to get the full effect!

This truly amazing video shows the Maeklong Railway going through the center of a seafood and vegetable market!

Commonly known as the Maeklong Railway Market, it is nicknamed the “Umbrella Pulldown Market”. The crowded conditions in this section of Bangkok, Thailand, makes for a really interesting view of how industry and individuals can co-exist.

These vendors know exactly when to raise their awnings and what to leave in the path of the train as if it were a science! They are keenly aware of the tolerances for their track side vegetables and baskets. Nothing is touched, not even the pots left in between the rails!

When the train comes, it is a well choreographed display of precise timing and no one gets in the way or hurt.

None of the vegetables used in this video were hurt in any way!

If you have been to Bangkok and ridden on a train through an area like this, we would love to hear your experiences!

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