Trucks Lining Up To Take The Train

Trucks Lining Up To Take The Train | Train Fanatics Videos

In 1998 a service was started in the Karnataka region of India, to help solve the poor road infrastructure that truck drivers had to deal with when making their journeys! Tired of having to cross narrow roads, poorly maintained roads, treacherous mountains, and tough weather conditions the RORO system was created.

The train shown here is A WDG-4 Number 12668 of the Konkan Railways!

RORO meaning Roll On Roll Off, allows truck drivers to skip the miles and miles of arduous terrain, and allows for smooth sailing through of some of India’s most dangerous routes! Konkan Railway Company is credited with conceptualizing the the system, and it is now responsible for saving immeasurable amounts of fuel each year!

So far the service has carried over 300,000 trucks!

The system has now successfully been in place for 17 years, and carries an average of 22,00o trucks per year! Currently the service runs five lines, and as of 2014 was in the process of setting up a new line, which would be able to transport even larger trucks!

Do you think this program would make sense in other countries like the United States? Le t us know what you think!

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