The True Story Of The Crazy 8’s

The True Story Of The Crazy 8’s | Train Fanatics Videos

CSX #8888 real life incident inspired the movie Runaway Train

While slowly moving to clear the yard in Walbridge, Ohio, the engineer of CSX #8888 noticed a misaligned switch ahead. He panicked, knowing the train would not be able to stop in time. The 35 year veteran engineer decided to climb down out of the train while slowly moving and correct the misaligned switch. In his haste to leave the cab, instead of completing the process of setting the dynamic brake, the engineer pulled the power throttle to notch 8!

The engineer tried to re-board the moving train and was drug 80 feet before letting go. CSX 8888 rolled out of the yard with a consist of 45 cars and the race was on to catch it.

CSX #8888 was moving at a brisk 50 MPH!

The incident concluded 65 miles later in Kenton, Ohio, after CSX #8392 managed to catch up to CSX #8888 and hook on while moving. They applied their dynamic brakes to slow CSX #8888 so that it could be boarded and stopped.

Let us know what you think about this incident and whether you’ve seen the movie “Runaway Train” .

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