Battle Of The Horns In Side-By-Side Race

Battle Of The Horns In Side-By-Side Race | Train Fanatics Videos

Is it an optical illusion or are there really two trains coming down the track?

This is a terrific “catch” where the lighting at sunset shows the headlights of only one BNSF freight train coming towards the dirt road crossing.

Or does it?

At :27 seconds into the clip, the one set of headlights is overtaken by another and the race is on!
A really surprising and unexpected turn of events! This illustrates why you should never assume anything around two sets of railroad tracks – ever!

Located in Ancona, Illinois an unincorporated community south east of Streator, Illinois, the two locomotives dual it out with horns as they approach the remote crossing.

Both locomotives are BNSF mixed freights, however, the one that overtakes the other is only pulling one flat car!

Let us know if you live in rural area that is part of a main route for trains. We would love to know you are a railfan also!

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