Norfolk Southern “High And Wide” Freight Hauls Wind Turbines

Norfolk Southern “High And Wide” Freight Hauls Wind Turbines | Train Fanatics Videos

Norfolk Southern delivers delicate load!

The “Old Iron” Cassandra Bridge in Pennsylvania provides terrific viewing for railfans!

This railfan caught the Norfolk Southern with its high and wide load of what appears wind turbines headed to points unknown. High and wide loads are cleared by dispatchers prior to shipments to make sure they will meet the clearances needed for any tunnels, curves and grades.

The rectangle box like structures are called Nacelles (housing) and the other parts are the hubs that the blades attach to.

The “Old Iron Bridge” over the Cassandra Railroad sees over 60 Norfolk Southern trains roll underneath daily! They also have the Cassandra Railroad & Overlook Motel which caters to railfans and boasts some of the finest railfanning in the country!

Let us know if you have ever been railfanning at the Cassandra Crossing! We would love to hear about your experience!

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