Norfolk Southern Engineer Waves To Son

Norfolk Southern Engineer Waves To Son | Train Fanatics Videos

Norfolk Southern Engineer Nicholas Nuttle waves to his young son as his EMD SD60M roars past!

How often do you catch the exact moment that someone becomes a Railfan for life and possible future engineer?!

This amazing moment was caught as DAD’s Norfolk Southern freight train was on route to Binghamton, New York, via what is called the Southern Tier line. The Southern Tier line is owned and operated by the Norfolk Southern Railway and traverses both New York and Pennsylvania mostly along a former Erie Railroad Line.

At first his son does not realize DAD is in the cab but soon sees him waving and that is all it took. Although he had seen several trains go by on past occasions, this was the first time he realized that his DAD was the engineer! Great, great footage. Mom is really having a great time as well!

To his son, Nicholas Nuttle is truly a ROCK STAR!

Some Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Norfolk Southern #6768
  • Locomotive type: EMD SD60 series (former Conrail #5510)
  • Builder: GM Electro-Motive Division (EMD)
  • Horse power and weight: 3800 hp / 394,000lbs

We want to thank the Nuttle family for posting this video to our page so we all can enjoy!

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