Norfolk Southern 8 Locomotive Display!

Norfolk Southern 8 Locomotive Display! | Train Fanatics Videos

Strictly freight action, that’s what we’re talking about here!

This is nicely done clip in Hi Definition of the the same lash of locomotives with two different trains.

Norfolk Southern is using 8 locomotives to pull this freight through Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Known by some as a “lash up”, this is a rolling collection of both GE and EMD locomotives.

At about 2:20 into the clip, you can hear the hotbox/dragging defector call out the mile post number and “no defects”!

What you are seeing is a tremendous amount of power in the form of:

  • 8 locomotives on the Norfolk Southern line
  • a total tractive effort of 613,000 lbf
  • a combined total of 2,640,000 lbs locomotive weight
  • total combined horsepower of 33,700 hp.

Let us know if are a diesel fan or a steam fan! Or maybe a train fan overall. We love to hear your comments!

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