1908 Railroad Trestle Still Gets The Job Done

1908 Railroad Trestle Still Gets The Job Done | Train Fanatics Videos

The Holcomb Creek Trestle is the largest and oldest wooden trestle bridge still in use today!

This massive railroad trestle was built back in 1908 and still serves the Portland & Western Railroad as a short line hauling lumber.

It is the largest timber wooden trestle still in use today!

Referred to by the Portland & Western train crews as the “Valley of Wood”, the bridge stands at 90 feet tall and 1168 feet long!

Back when first built, it was an electric interurban railway that ran from Portland to Wilkesboro. Sometime around 1923, steam locomotives took over the power needed and the electric lines were removed.

Although they did have passenger service, the main source of revenue on this line is hauling lumber.

Note the corrogated metal that goes from the top of the trestle to the bottom on each side of the trestle.

The corrogated metal serves as fire breaks! In the event of a fire at one end of the bridge or the other, the metal sheeting would help stop the fire from burning down the whole bridge.

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