Model Big Boy Hauls Freight Like The Real Thing!

Model Big Boy Hauls Freight Like The Real Thing! | Train Fanatics Videos

This model Big Boy does it all!

This replica engine is quite the compliment to the original Union Pacific #4016! Manufactured by MTH (formerly known as Mike’s Train House) an American toy train and model railroad designer out of Columbia, Maryland. This Big Boy replica is a masterpiece in its own right!

The replica engine itself has a MSRP of $1,399.95!

The engine in this clip, owned by Youtuber and model train enthusiast 03patines, is not the only spectacular thing in this clip, as the model railroad itself is extraordinary, with has its own train depot and turn table! The model 4-8-8-4 takes on its job, a 53 car manifest delivery and does it in spectacular fashion!

Hidden Pass Junction Railroad is an O-Guage 1:48 scale model!

The engine has functional rods, working head lights, and sounds just like a real Big Boy would! It even has its own steam! This thing is the real deal for model train enthusiasts!

Do you have one of these Big Boys in your collection? We’d love to hear about your set up!

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