580 Foot Long RU 800 S

580 Foot Long RU 800 S | Train Fanatics Videos

This baby lays new track at the same time it is removing the old track!

Developed by the Austrian companies Plasser und Theurer in combination with Swietelsky construction company, this monster was conceived to address the aging rail systems in Europe.

The RU800S is a combination machine for continuous track renewal and ballast bed cleaning using one machine that is over 580 feet long!

The basic function of the RU800S is to remove the old track, change the concrete ties (sleepers), add extra ballast and bolt everything together. AUTOMATICALLY!

This is truly one of the most industrious pieces of machinery that man has ever built!

Some quick facts about about the RU800S

  • Total length of train equipment – 580 feet!
  • Total weight filled with ballast and girders – 650 tons!
  • track laying ability – 656 feet of new track per hour!
  • Total track that can be laid before needing to be resupplied – 6560 feet or 2 kilometers

Let us know what you thing of the magnificent machine! We would love to hear your comments!

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