Climax Locomotive Is Geared Up

Climax Locomotive Is Geared Up | Train Fanatics Videos

Who says restoring a steam locomotive has to be hard work?

Initially conceived and designed in 1878 by a lumberman (Darwin Scott) from Pennsylvania, the Climax geared steam locomotive could go where normal steam locomotives could not due to their size.

Shorter in length due to its geared design, made it ideal to handle tight curves and the up and down terrain on the lightweight temporary tracks in and around the logging camps and mines.

Seen here at the Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Workshop in Cass, West Virgina, these volunteers are having a great time watching the gear movements of one of three restored trucks of the locomotive.

Everyone is amazed at how the dang thing works!

Some quick facts about the Climax geared steam locomotive

  • Builder – Climax Locomotive Works – Corry, Pennsylvania
  • Build date – 1910
  • locomotive weight – 55 tons
  • Class B (newer) with angled Cylinders to 25-45 degrees

Let us know if you have ever had a chance to go on this excursion of have seen this locomotive up close. We would lover to hear about your experience!

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