Loram Grinder Lets The Sparks Fly

Loram Grinder Lets The Sparks Fly | Train Fanatics Videos

Rail is the most valuable asset for a railroad!

The wheel/rail interface is the most important aspect when considering a rail change outs.

Loram grinding trains usually have the grinding units interspersed with water tank cars. Water tank cars are needed to keep the tracks cool as well as a caboose manned with fire hoses to handle any fires that occur after the train passes by.

Loram Rail Grinders use high power, flexible grinding modules designed to extend rail life by putting one continuous zipper like grove on the inside of the rails to extend rail life, gripping power and to smooth out the ride.

Rail grinding is considered the most effective form of track maintenance to control the effects of rail fatigue over time!

Let us know if you have witnessed the Loram Production Rail Grinder in action! We would love to hear from you!

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