HB-S High Performance Snow Blower

HB-S High Performance Snow Blower | Train Fanatics Videos

Beilhack introduces the HB_S automotive high-performance snow blower.

You’ve probably never seen a machine like the Beilhack HB-S.

The Beilhack HB_S provides quick track clearance with it high capacity snow clearing capability. Even in the worst weather conditions, the track can be cleared in a single pass and at speed. It even has a snow plow attached at the rear to clear snow at track level!

Some quick facts about the HB-S

  • Manufacturer: Beilhack
  • Power type: (2) 1500 HP engines eject snow up to 131 feet!
  • Clearing capacity: 16000 Tons per hour
  • Snow clearing width: 10 to 19 feet
  • Roof snow clearer:

Amazingly, the blower unit come equipped with it’s own turntable and can swivel to reverse directions!

Let us know you have ever seen the HB-S at work on the tracks! We would love to hear about your experience!

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