Furka Pass Cogwheel Railway Steam Railway

Furka Pass Cogwheel Railway Steam Railway | Train Fanatics Videos

“I think I can, I think I can!”

Check out this little 4/4 “0-8-0” as it climbs an 11.8% incline with 3 passenger cars in tow.

Known as the Furka Pass Cogwheel Mountain Steam Railway in Switzerland, it is strictly a tourist attraction. Open through the months of June through September, it draws many tourists to witness the most breathtaking scenery that Switzerland has to offer.

Quick Facts

  • Rail Line: Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway
  • Train Name: Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway Heritage
  • Power type: 0-8-0 Steam Locomotive
  • Builder: Built in Switzerland
  • Train type: Passenger excursion
  • Location: Alps, Central Switzerland

The line has several tunnels and features one tunnel that is well over 1 mile long on it’s way up to highest station at Furka at just over 7000 foot elevation.

It then descends down the mountain where it comes to a “folding bridge” at Steffenbach, which is dismantled each winter. Note in the video the center “cog” track which helps keep the train from slipping on the steep grades. It’s a longer video, so make sure you stay with it to see everything!

Got to put this one on your bucket list!

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