Inspired Megablocks Railroad Double Mountain Spiral

Inspired Megablocks Railroad Double Mountain Spiral | Train Fanatics Videos

Project Train Tracks went back at it once again with another attempt at an outlandish track!

Project Train Tracks, the Youtube channel centered around a father and his two daughters creativity experiments, began taking requests and suggestions early on, to help them come up with some of the most spectacular tracks that they could.

After around 39 experiments, the children’s grandmother wanted to get in on the fun and provided her own challenge for the aspiring track builders. Suggesting a double mountain spiral, Project Train Tracks jumped on the opportunity!

Using Megabloks and a wooden rail set, they built what they set out to, showing the construction, as well as the successful use of the track!

It really is an amazing thing to see a family work together to achieve these fun and inventive railroads!

Has anyone here taken heed from Project Train Tracks and gotten creative with your family? If so we’d love to hear about it!

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