Implosion Experiment On Tank Car

Implosion Experiment On Tank Car | Train Fanatics Videos

Turn down your speakers on this one! The music is horrible…..!

The power of vacuum and the earth’s atmospheric pressure is truly amazing as shown in this experiment.

What you are witnessing is the demonstration of the absence of air pressure in the tank car and the Earth’s outside air pressure at around 14.7 pounds per square inch or 2,200 lbs per square foot. The theory of how many tons of pressure is exerted overall is complicated and beyond our scope.

Imagine the same thing happening when a submarine loses ballast and sinks below its maximum depth and the outside water pressure implodes the hull.

So as the air molecules in the railroad tank car are evacuated from the interior, the difference between the outside and inside causes the tank to collapse. In addition, if there are any dents or defects on the tank itself creating a weak point, that will hasten the collapse as well.

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