Air Pressure Imploding Tank Car

Air Pressure Imploding Tank Car | Train Fanatics Videos

Everyone is familiar with explosions. and we here at Trainfanatics have seen more than our fair share of exploding engines and rail cars. What you don’t see very often however, is an implosion: the process in which objects are destroyed by literally collapsing in on themselves!

“This is truly amazing, you can see the ground shaking”

This demonstration shows exactly what happens when a Tank car experiences a pressure differential it can’t quite handle. Unlike explosion, implosion concentrates matter and energy, creating what appears to be a crunched effect on the imploded object!

Make no mistake this car only has one destination left, the scrapyard!

Having disabled or removed the vacuum safety valves on the tank car, a vacuum was then applied and used on the tanker. This caused the external air pressure around the car to be much greater than the cars internal pressure forcing the giant piece of rolling stock to collapse!

Have you ever seen a tank car do this in the flesh? We’d love to hear about it!

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