Man Fits Full-size VIA Train In Basement

Man Fits Full-size VIA Train In Basement | Train Fanatics Videos

Many railfans are also model railroaders, and love to build train sets in their homes!

What about those individuals who just want to take it all one step forward? Meet Jason Shron, a life long railfan with a passion for VIA trains! Jason Loves VIA trains so much that he decided to build a full size replica of a VIA train in his basement!

“It took me 4 1/2 years and 2500 hours to build this VIA train in my basement!”

Shron, the founder of Rapido Trains Incorporated, a high-end manufacturer of model trains and accessories, has created an immaculately detailed replica of a VIA train, all the way down to the very trash-bins used! Shron was able to achieve such impressive results with the help of VIA train #5647 which he was able to scavenge before she was scrapped.

‘You too could have a train in your basement… you need to be completely insane and you have to have an amazing wife!”

We couldn’t be more impressed with (if not a tad bit jealous of) Jason’s replica VIA train!

Whats the largest scale replica of a locomotive you’ve come across? Please share your pictures, videos, and stories with us!

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