Go Pro And The Union Pacific

Go Pro And The Union Pacific | Train Fanatics Videos

The underside of this UP freight shows low clearance!

Shot in the Mohave Desert in Southern California, the Union Pacific Mohave Subdivision stretches 181 miles from Bakersfield, Ca.to West Colton, Ca.

Maximum track speeds allowed are anywhere from 15 mph to 70 mph.

This short clip catches the overcast skies and a really interesting view the train from underneath. Shot at sunset, the light reflects off of the moving wheels and undercarriages of the train as it passes overhead.

This clip also emphasizes the importance of NOT BEING ON A RAILROAD TRACK AT ANY TIME! Imagine trying to out run a train at 75 mph which equates to 110 feet per second! Perhaps this explains why so many people misjudge the speed of oncoming trains.

Please do not attempt to photograph from the tracks, however entertaining it may be. Let us know your thoughts on this subject.

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