Power, Power And More Power

Power, Power And More Power | Train Fanatics Videos


A rare catch as a “consist” of 28 BNSF locomotives put on quite a display!

Redistribution of power units happens all the time. Here you have 28 BNSF units heading through Flagstaff, AZ on the BNSF Seligman-Subdivison.

This consist (meaning formation) most likely is using two powered units in front and two DPU‘s (distributed power units) at the rear. All of the rest are DIC‘s (meaning dead in consist or in formation).

All in all, you are seeing 123,200 horsepower and if all of the units were running assuming 28 units @ 4,400 hp per unit.

These locomotive units are weighing in at approximately 400,000 pounds giving the train a total of 5,600 tons or 11,200,000 pounds of weight!

Let us know if you have ever seen a grouping of locomotives being transported in a procession such as this! It must be awesome to see!

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