Amazing G-Scale Trains At Norway’s Aldergrove Garden Railway!

Amazing G-Scale Trains At Norway’s Aldergrove Garden Railway! | Train Fanatics Videos

G Scale Trains look and act like their big boy cousins!

Thousands of hobbyists  around the world are involved with G Scale trains. Shunning the confines of being indoors, these rail enthusiasts prefer to be outside in the elements with their trains every chance they get.

Mirroring the real life conditions and problems that railroads incur, G Scale train layouts have to negotiate terrain when considering grades, trestles and any other geographic problem they encounter when setting up their layouts. Although, this layout may not have all of the bells and whistles that some of the other layouts might have, you can still see the excitement and fun that they are having.

Filmed at the Aldergrove Garden Railway in Norway, this track is open year round weather permitting. The layout consists of 150 feet of track set to G Scale (Garden Railway Scale) which is 45 mm (1.772 inches) gauge track. Plants are an integral part of building a garden railway as well as rocks, buildings, lakes and boulders placed in strategic positions so as to not interfere with the moving trains.

“These are some of the most fun days I have, when we meet a bunch of people and run trains together!” – Owner of Aldergrove

We couldn’t agree more!

Let us know if you are a G Scale Railroader! We would love to hear about your layout!

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